Installing Solr 6 on windows – 6 Simple steps

What is Solr

Solr is a open source  search platform built on Apache Lucene.

Note: Apache Lucene is a free and open-source information retrieval software library, originally written in Java by Doug Cutting.


This is a very popular search software that can be used with any programming languages like PHP, Java , dot net etc, with help of respective Solr Client extension.


Latest JVM (Java virtual Machine) must be already installed on your windows system.

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Card AutoFill for ICICI Bank Debit Card – During Tatkal booking on IRCTC

This is very useful to keep card information eg card no. and name on card filled before payment. On some website this is stored but on others (like IRCTC) there is no way to store it. If you book a ticket from IRCTC (specially Tatkal Tickect), You dont have time to fill the card to make payment. I have created a Magic Autofill for icici debit cart. You just need to fill the form and add  the created button ( named "Card AutoFill-ICICI") to your bookmark bar by Drag and drop.

During Tatkal booking on IRCTC, select Debit Card as payment method and then choose ICICI Bank and then click Make Payment.

This will redirect you icici bank's website for payment. Over there, you just have to click the bookmark named "Card AutoFill-ICICI". Now you get your form filled up except CVV, Card Pin and Captcha. You must immidiately fill the CVV, Card Pin and Captcha and click Pay.

This method of payment, does not require OTP so makes the payment faster than any other payment method.

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View and Edit a file in linux

There are two commands for view and edit a file in linux and that are vi vim. I am going to show you how to view and edit this using vim command.

Open/View a file :
vim file-name
This command opens the file. This is called command mode.  In command mode, you can select, cut , copy and paste desired text in the opend file.

Cut/Copy and Paste:

Position your cursor to the left to the desired line and  press the v key to select the text and then press y to copy the selected text or x if you want to cut it. Position your cursor at the desired location and press the p key to paste the text you copied or cut.

Note: to select many lines and replace/delete these lines, you should mark them first. Let me tell you how to do this.

Type ma to mark a point. This will mark the position of cursor with the text a
Type d'a  to delete the marked lines. This will delete all lines marked from text a to the current position of cursor.

Write/Insert New text:

To insert a new text you need to turn on insert mode. Press i to turn on the insert mode. Now you can write anything to the file.

Save and exit:

Now to save everything and quit from command mode, Press the escape/ESC key  (pressing the escape key again does nothing if you're already in command mode.) and the type :wq and then press Enter

Find and kill an process in linux

Processes in linux can be killed by stop command but sometimes it does not work and then you may want to kill the process. If you want to kill a process in linux, First you need to find its process id and then you can kill that process with this id.

Find the process id

ps ax | grep processName

Kill the process by its id

kill processID

for example
ps ax | grep firefox
The above will result something like
and now to kill the process
kill 3439